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The following web sites offer weather forecasts and charts, tide predictions, and details of current conditions on land, and in the coastal waters around Wales and the UK.

Charts - Weather Source
Current to 3 days ahead
North Atlantic
Surface Pressure Chart
(viewable on line)
Met Office
Forecasts Source
Shipping Forecast
Text version of Shipping Forecast
Met Office
Inshore Waters Forecast
Text version of Radio 4 Broadcast
UK Weather Forecast
Maps, animations & text
Showing cloud cover, wind, pressure and temperature
Cardiff Weather Forecast
Plymouth Weather Forecast
Maps & text
Showing wind, temperature and rainfall
Met Office 5 day Forecast
Milford Haven
Isles of Scilly
Breakdown for the next 5 days
Includes wind speed & direction and expected cloud cover
Met Office
Metcheck 7 day Forecast
Milford Haven
Isles of Scilly
Full breakdown for the next 7 days
Includes wind speed & direction, expected cloud cover and rainfall
Metcheck 3 day Inshore Forecast
Bristol Channel
St Davids Head
Lyme Bay
Full breakdown for the next 3 days
Includes wind speed & direction (Beaufort), expected wave height & direction, cloud cover and rainfall.
Current ConditionsSource
UK Land and Coastal Waters
Current Conditions
Map with various overlays
shows wind speed & direction, pressure, temperature & visibility
XC Weather
UK Coastal Waters
Location Map
Aberporth Buoy
Pembroke Buoy
Sevenstones Lightship
Channel Lightship
Information from weather buoys
Includes wind speed & direction, atmospheric pressure, and wave height
National Data Buoy Centre
Tides Source
Tide Predictions
Select Port
Seven day Tide predictions from UKHO
Tidal Prediction Service (EasyTide)
Tide Predictions
Ports in Wales
Ports in SW England
Six day Tide Predictions from the BBC
SW England & Wales
Tidal Curves
Spring & Neap tides for 2022 - 2023
Graphic representation of spring and neap tides in the UK
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