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Cardiff BSAC Tidal Graphs For 2016 & 2017

Tidal Ranges increase and decrease twice every 28 days, as the moon waxes and wanes. The following tidal curves have been produced using tidal data for Cardiff, but 2016 & 2017 Spring and Neap tide dates will be consistent throughout the UK.

These graphs are provided as an aid to dive planning. It is the responsibility of the dive manager to obtain correct tide and weather information for any site you wish to dive.

When planning dives in strong tidal areas, it is advantageous to select dates with a small tidal range, more commonly called a Neap Tide. The reduced tidal flow around neap tides usually results in improved water visibility and increased "Slack Water" times.

For the purpose of regularity across these graphs, certain dates in each month are repeated. Weekend dates are highlighted in yellow.

Graphs for 2018 spring and neap tides will be added later.

For further information about these graphs, or to find out how they can be used for any port or location in Western Europe, please check out our additional information page.

Tide Table for May 2017

Tide Table for June 2017

Tide Table for July 2017

Tide Table for August 2017

Tide Table for September 2017

Tide Table for October 2017

Tide Table for November 2017

Tide Table for December 2017