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Welcome to the Cardiff BSAC members area of this scuba diving web site.

The following links lead to pages of particular interest to Cardiff BSAC members, some pages are password protected.
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If you‘re not a member of Cardiff BSAC, and you‘re interested in scuba diving and live in the Glamorgan or Cardiff area, why not consider joining Cardiff‘s premiere branch of the British Sub Aqua Club.
 Cardiff BSAC Fees
Full Member
PADI Crossover Student Includes Crossover pack and some additional training
Training Member Includes membership pack and 1 years training
 Club Rib Fees
The following charges are made for the use of the Club Rib on diving trips:

£7.50 per diver per dive, up to £15.00 maximum per day

Instructors taking trainees for open water training are not liable for the above fee for that dive.