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Scuba diving in South Wales with Cardiff BSAC
Have you ever wanted to go diving and swim amongst the fascinating and varied marine life that inhabits the underwater world?

Would you like to join other local divers on an exploration of the ship wrecks that have come to rest on the sea bed around the UK coast line?

Do you perhaps see your self as a modern day Jacques Cousteau?

Well why not turn your dream into reality by joining Cardiff BSAC, and taking up scuba diving.

At Cardiff BSAC we‘ve been training divers for over 42 years, and are able to offer scuba diving courses for all levels of experience, including complete beginners, experienced divers seeking a more advanced dive rating, and divers crossing over from other training agencies, such as PADI.

If you‘re interested in taking up Scuba Diving, and live in the Cardiff or South Glamorgan areas of Wales, why not come along to one of Cardiff BSAC‘s weekly pool training sessions, and ask for a "try dive".

The worse that can happen is that you‘ll become hooked, and decide to join Cardiff BSAC and learn to Scuba Dive with Cardiff‘s premiere branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC).

So take the plunge and dive into this scuba diving web site

Scuba diving in the Red Sea with Cardiff BSAC

To see what the sport of scuba diving is really all about, check out the photos and movies in Cardiff BSAC's Facebook albums.

You can also read a full report of the survey of the wreck of the Thor (file size 2mb), which was undertaken by members of Cardiff BSAC, with the financial support of the British Sub-aqua Club.

Join Cardiff BSAC and learn to scuba dive the BSAC way

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Christmas Do - Updated List
Sorry guys -wrong list on email – below is my up to date list – those in yellow have provided their meal choices BILL 22.00 mark 22.00 kas 22.00 dave 10.00 catherine 10.00 andrew 5.00 anne(andrew) 5.00 gareth 22.00 anne steve john w 5.00 Lorna 5.00 teresa 20.00 brendan 20.00 elena 5.00 sioni 5.00 megan 5.00 ross 22.00 cynthia 22.00 louise warren 5.00 matt jones 5.00 peter 25.00...

Club News
Pool News Pool - followed by The Sand Martin Christmas Raffle Dave is looking for prizes, any donations gratefully accepted - tickets now on sale! Dive News If you think we’re daft…..Mark (Hardman) Warren, was found diving in Cossie, by choice, sans hood and gloves – the rest of us decided to wrap up! More training again, with Ben Delphine and Emily getting to grips with compass and DSMB. It was very clear again – with the sun clearly visible from the depths . At least we are getting training in during the “closed Season” and in fabulous sunshine Sunday 3rd December has been mooted for recreation/training at NDAC Chepstow to make the most of their half price offer! Facebook If you are on Facebook, and aren’t yet friends of Cardiff BSAC, please do sign up for that, you may get to hear of dives/events as soon as the details are released! If you don’t use Facebook, consider signing up – even if you only use it for club information! Christmas NOW URGENT - I NEED ANY OUTSTANDING MONEY AND MENU CHOICES NOW!!!!!! The list is below – if your name is in yellow Ive had menu choices As a reminder - heres the info on Christmas – please let me have your menu choices and balances asap The Christmas menu is £22 for 2 courses or £27.50 for 3 (this includes the service charge which they apply for groups). Ive unashamedly pinched the following from their website ABOUT We live for food, and to bring food alive – with an irresistible bolt of Latin American energy. We rise at the crack of dawn to unload boxes of top-quality, fresh British produce. Then our chefs add carefully sourced ingredients from around the world, to conjure delicious, authentic South American food, made with passion, love and lots of Latin magic. Our food pulses with its exotic 16th Century roots – a mouth-watering confusion of native Latin American Indian, Spanish, Portuguese and African influences. Las Iguanas is an adventure. You’ll discover new tastes, and fall in love with new favourites – and feel the warmth and welcome of South America TripAdvisor give this a Certificate of Excellence . Comments included “Great mexican restaurant.” “Fab & Tasty “ “Great food excellent service “ To tickle your taste buds here’s the menu for the extravanagza - they will need to be prebooked, but that will be nearer the time! On Arrival Habas Y Kikos Spicy fried corn kernels & broad beans Starters Nachos Navidad Corn tortilla chips with melted cheese, topped with cranberry salsa, jalapeños, tomato salsa, soured cream & guacamole. Bahian Style Mussels Chilean rope-grown mussels cooked in a slightly spiced lime, coriander & coconut sauce, with warm ciabatta. Red Pepper & Ancho Chilli Soup A creamy, spiced red pepper, tomato & ancho chilli soup, with soured cream & corn tortilla chips. Beetroot, Halloumi & Avocado Tostada Tostada topped with beetroot, avocado, spinach, cranberry, halloumi, candied nuts & a poppy seed dressing. Havana Rum & Jerk BBQ Glazed Chicken Wings Chicken wings smothered in a sticky barbecue jerk & rum glaze, topped with crispy onion & chilli. Cha Cha Chorizo Smoky pork & garlic chorizo, braised with onions in a red wine, tomato & jalapeño sauce, with warm ciabatta...

SCUBA News Feed

Continuing scourge of microplastics in water to be gauged by new research
Bits of plastic under 5 millimeters in size - in cosmetics, cleaning products and clothes - are still polluting the sea ...

Warm water diving in Europe in December
Year-round sun and on the same latitude as Sharm-El-Sheikh, now is a great time to dive the Canary Islands...

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Guatemala Announces Plan to Clean up Garbage in Caribbean Sea
Clean the rivers, clean the beaches, stop throwing the garbage into the rivers and close the clandestine dumps, ...

Dates and heights of Spring and Neap Tides in UK waters

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