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Scuba diving in South Wales with Cardiff BSAC
Have you ever wanted to go diving and swim amongst the fascinating and varied marine life that inhabits the underwater world?

Would you like to join other local divers on an exploration of the ship wrecks that have come to rest on the sea bed around the UK coast line?

Do you perhaps see your self as a modern day Jacques Cousteau?

Well why not turn your dream into reality by joining Cardiff BSAC, and taking up scuba diving.

At Cardiff BSAC we‘ve been training divers for over 42 years, and are able to offer scuba diving courses for all levels of experience, including complete beginners, experienced divers seeking a more advanced dive rating, and divers crossing over from other training agencies, such as PADI.

If you‘re interested in taking up Scuba Diving, and live in the Cardiff or South Glamorgan areas of Wales, why not contact us about taking a "try dive" in our local pool.

The worse that can happen is that you‘ll become hooked, and decide to join Cardiff BSAC and learn to Scuba Dive with Cardiff‘s premiere branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC).

So take the plunge and dive into this scuba diving web site

Scuba diving in the Red Sea with Cardiff BSAC

To see what the sport of scuba diving is really all about, check out the photos and movies in Cardiff BSAC's Facebook albums.

You can also read a full report of the survey of the wreck of the Thor (file size 2mb), which was undertaken by members of Cardiff BSAC, with the financial support of the British Sub-aqua Club.

Join Cardiff BSAC and learn to scuba dive the BSAC way

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Club News
Pool News Pool as ever, thence to The SandMartin. Please remember , if you need kit (or have asked for kit but cant make pool) to let me or Steve know Dive News A quiet weekend, other than the summer party. Thanks to Sioni and Megan for organising and for everyone else for turning up! A few made cossie in the morning, mainly those who hadn't made the meal, or had the sense to leave early the night before! Cossie still reasonably clear, with some very defined thermoclines! Pink stuff is making a come back though, and its not gin! Mark Warren, finally remembered his dry suit, he was late in the water mind you,as his buddy Bill, had a round trip first to get his weight belt! Mark however showed his mettle when he took to the water sans hood and gloves, " them’s for wimps" was the comment. Mark Gosling however finished off Ed and Abi’s Ocean diver training with trips to Cromhall and Cosmeston - Mark also threw in a “fish interference course” as an added bonus “I had a fun incident with a fish last night. Abi and Ed were doing their dive leading exercise with me following along, when I felt something touching my fin. I turned around to find a large blind carp coming straight at me, it swam all around me coming very close and in the end I had to put my hand on it to push it away. It didn't look healthy and it's eyes were obviously not working. Don't suppose it will be around for much longer.” reported Mark Well done to Ed and Abi on becoming Ocean Divers Plymouth and Weymouth Matt is organizing 2 trips The Plymouth trip has 2 spaces left, and there is one space on the Weymouth if you are interested, let Matt know. Also, there is space on the Weymouth boat on the bank holiday Monday (27th August)… so if anyone wants to add an extra day then please let Matt know. Plymouth would be the weekend of 21st-22nd July and will cost £175 for diving (hard boat for 12 people with Abyss Charters) and hotel accommodation. It is a neaps weekend so viz will hopefully be good. EVENT - Weymouth would be 25th-26th August (bank holiday weekend). Proposed we just stick to the two days and it will cost £220 for the weekend (diving and shared accommodation at the Riviera Hotel). Hard boat for 10 people with Wey Chieftain. You can stay on for the Monday too if wanted but you’ll need to arrange your own accommodation. Just let me know if you want the extra day and I’ll let the skipper know. EVENT - Matt is looking for money guys!. Dive Show - NEC Dive tickets are now on sale, 2 -4-1 at present, so find yourself a buddy or advertise on the facebook page for someone to go with/buy a ticket with Dive show 2018 (27/28 Oct - yes just before the Egypt trip) Buy One* Get One FREE! * At the on-the-door price of £14.50 (booking fee applies) For a limited period ONLY! Enter EARLYBIRD2-4-1 in the "If you have a promo code please enter here" box and click "GO" In the next window select 2 adult tickets next to the Gold Star option when selecting tickets. Plus - pick up a FREE Show Guide worth £2.50 at the Show (one per ticket order). Tickets will ONLY be available from our website through Ticket Factory. Book your Buy One, Get One Free tickets at Be aware- "Select which day you’re likely to attend, but if you change your mind – don’t panic - All tickets will be valid for either day, but tickets can only be used once!" - so good thing theres no conference and we're not staying over! Facebook If you are on Facebook, and aren’t yet friends of Cardiff BSAC, please do sign up for that, you may get to hear of dives/events as the details are released! If you don’t use Facebook, consider signing up – even if you only use it for club information! Tide tables Don’t forget we have tide tables for 12 months + on our website – great tool for planning your UK diving! Thanks to Mark for updating!!...

BSAC Summer Party This Saturday
Hi all,Tomorrow is the Summer Party and we will be celebrating the Cardiff BSAC clubs 45th birthday! The table is booked for 7:30pm  Saturday night 16th June in Brewhouse and Kitchen Cardiff, Sophia Close, Cardiff, CF11 9HW. We will be there from 7pm. Please can those who have not paid bring the right money with them and give it to me or Sioni when you arrive so that we have it all sorted to pay the bill. Please order drinks separately and don't put drinks on the bill. The table is book for the 28 people below. Their orders, cost +10% tip and who has paid and those who need to bring the right amount on Saturday is below. Anne - Starter - Falafel, Main - Beer Can Chicken (shared with Steve) = £32.20 - PAIDSteve - no starter and sharing main with Anne Mark - Starter - Chicken Chorizo Fritters, Main - Red Snapper Fillet = £18.10Bill - Main - Chicken and Ham Pie = £12.70 - PAID but not that tipBrian - Starter - Crab Cakes, Main - Ribs = £22 - PAID Dave - Starter - Chicken and Chorizo Fritters, Main - Cod and Chips = £17.90 PAIDCath - Starter - Crab cakes, Main - Confit Duck Leg = £18.70 PAIDDougie =  Starter - Calamari, Main - Steak with Peppercorn Sauce - £18.87Andy - Fish and Chips = £12.38Rhian -  Tuna Nicoise Salad = £10.45Sioni - Start - Cajun King Prawn Tacos, Main - The Ridiculous Burger  = £24.20Megan - Starter- Focaccia, Main - Falafel and Beet Burger = £16.30Ben - Starter - Calamari, Main - Falafel and Beet Burger = £17.40 PAIDDelphine - Starter - Mac and Cheese, Main - Smoke Ham and Cheese Swiss Burger = £19 PAIDJeff - Starter - Focaccia and Olives, Main - Beetroot and Thyme Risotto = £15.40 PAID (20p left to pay)Gareth - Starter - Chicken wings, Main - Tuna Nicoise Salad with grilled chicken = £19.60 - PAIDBrendan -Starter - Loaded nachos Main - Sri Lankan veg curry = £12.65Matt J - Starter = Chicken Wing, Main - Ribs = £22.28Matt Y - Starter - Mac and Cheese, Main - Chicken and Ham Pie = £17.60 PAIDEd - Starter - Chicken caesar salad, Desert - Sticky toffee pudding = £15.90 PAIDEd +1 - Starter - Chicken caesar salad, Main - Eton mess = £15.90 PAIDMark W - Main- Ribs,  Desert - Eton mess =£21.40 PAIDLynda - Main - cod, Desert - Eton mess = £17.82 PAIDSally - Main - The ridiculous =£18.15 PAIDChris - Main - Rump Steak, Desert - Eton mess = £24.31 PAIDDave new - Starter - Calamari, Main - Red snapper = £18.70 PAIDJules x 2 = Starter - crab cakes, Main - Rump Steak = £45.10 ThanksMeganMegan David07703790385...

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