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Scuba diving in South Wales with Cardiff BSAC
Have you ever wanted to go diving and swim amongst the fascinating and varied marine life that inhabits the underwater world?
Would you like to join other local divers on an exploration of the ship wrecks that have come to rest on the sea bed around the UK coast line?
Do you perhaps see your self as a modern day Jacques Cousteau?

Well why not turn your dream into reality by joining Cardiff BSAC, and taking up scuba diving.

At Cardiff BSAC we've been training divers for over 48 years, and are able to offer scuba diving courses for all levels of experience, including complete beginners, experienced divers seeking a more advanced dive rating, and divers crossing over from other training agencies, such as PADI.

If you're interested in taking up Scuba Diving, and live in the Cardiff or South Glamorgan areas of Wales, why not come along to one of Cardiff BSAC's weekly pool training sessions, and ask for a "try dive".

The worse that can happen is that you'll become hooked, and decide to join Cardiff BSAC and learn to Scuba Dive with Cardiff's premiere branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC).
Scuba diving in the Red Sea with Cardiff BSAC

So take the plunge and dive into this scuba diving web site

To see what the sport of scuba diving is really all about, check out the photos and movies in Cardiff BSAC's Facebook albums.

You can also read a full report of the survey of the wreck of the Thor (file size 2mb), which was undertaken by members of Cardiff BSAC, with the financial support of the British Sub-aqua Club.

Join Cardiff BSAC and learn to scuba dive the BSAC way

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Faroese have been killing whales since Viking times but many islanders now oppose annual slaughter...
The Distinctive Leopard-spotted Goby
A shy fish, the leopard-spotted goby lives in cracks on steep walls and caves. Shipwrecks are also a favourite habitat. You find them in the shallows and down to 40 m. It tends to face its crevice home and shoot back in if disturbed, making it difficult to take photos of it face on. Dark brown or brick red splodges cover this goby. It has diamond-shaped scales, blue-edged dorsal fins and a black spot at the back of the first dorsal fin. Its distinctive colouring makes it one of the easiest gobies to identify...
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Diving Saba
A proper marine park encircles Saba's rocky coast in the northern Caribbean and there is some outstanding diving there. More experienced divers should head to the pinnacle and wall dive sites like Diamond Rock, the Eye-of-the-Needle and Tent Reef...

Dates and heights of Spring and Neap Tides in UK waters
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