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Scuba diving in South Wales with Cardiff BSAC
Have you ever wanted to go diving and swim amongst the fascinating and varied marine life that inhabits the underwater world?

Would you like to join other local divers on an exploration of the ship wrecks that have come to rest on the sea bed around the UK coast line?

Do you perhaps see your self as a modern day Jacques Cousteau?

Well why not turn your dream into reality by joining Cardiff BSAC, and taking up scuba diving.

At Cardiff BSAC we‘ve been training divers for over 42 years, and are able to offer scuba diving courses for all levels of experience, including complete beginners, experienced divers seeking a more advanced dive rating, and divers crossing over from other training agencies, such as PADI.

If you‘re interested in taking up Scuba Diving, and live in the Cardiff or South Glamorgan areas of Wales, why not come along to one of Cardiff BSAC‘s weekly pool training sessions, and ask for a "try dive".

The worse that can happen is that you‘ll become hooked, and decide to join Cardiff BSAC and learn to Scuba Dive with Cardiff‘s premiere branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC).

So take the plunge and dive into this scuba diving web site

Scuba diving in the Red Sea with Cardiff BSAC

To see what the sport of scuba diving is really all about, check out the photos and movies in Cardiff BSAC's Facebook albums.

You can also read a full report of the survey of the wreck of the Thor (file size 2mb), which was undertaken by members of Cardiff BSAC, with the financial support of the British Sub-aqua Club.

Join Cardiff BSAC and learn to scuba dive the BSAC way

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Pool News Cardiff City are home this week, so its Fitzalan followed by Barons Court. If you want kit and haven’t yet asked, please let me or Steve know by lunchtime tuesday Dive news Wahey…..I finally got back into the water…….and got out again 15 minutes later wondering why!! I did however think its time to resurrect lessons learned Lessons Learned If you haven’t used a rechargeable computer for a month, it’s a good idea to check the battery life. Fortunately mine managed to last 15 minutes!! Dive Trips ONE SPACE LEFT - The emails have been batting around, so you should all be aware of Matt’s fantastic trip 31st October. If you are interested on a Red Sea trip at under £1000, please contact him urgently. If we don’t fill within club, it will be open to other divers, so again, please spread the word. Shopping We have BCD’s Regs and Suits for sale. I’ll be making an inventory and send details round asap – those in club will get first chance to buy , so look out for further emails Dartmouth We’re thinking about it, so watch this space! Martyn Farr Lecture – 29th March 2018 PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD THIS IS A FUND RAISER FOR CLUB – I WOULD ASK ALL OF YOU TO SUPPORT US, BY BUYING TICKETS AND/OR SELLING THEM – SO COME WITH DOSH TO CLUB (WE DON’T TAKE PLASTIC!) Club have organised a lecture by Martyn Farr. Tickets will be on sale, probably this week, and it is first come first served. As a club member you are getting the opportunity to purchase these now – but don’t dawdle as once they are on general release, I cant guarantee tickets for you. It’s open to all, so please spread the word. If you want tickets, please speak to Bill Facebook If you are on Facebook, and aren’t yet friends of Cardiff BSAC, please do sign up for that, you may get to hear of dives/events as the details are released! If you don’t use Facebook, consider signing up – even if you only use it for club information! Tide tables Don’t forget we have tide tables for 12 months + on our website – great tool for planning your UK diving! Thanks to Mark for updating!! Happy Diving >'·.¸¸.·´¯'·.¸.·´¯'·...¸>¸. >·´¯'·.¸,. >'·.¸¸.·´¯'·..·´¯'·..¸>...

Iso-8859-1 LAST CALL: Red Sea Liveaboard For £995
Hi All It looks like we have one definite space remaining on the Red Sea trip (approx £995 in total), but also potentially two more depending on whether Anne and Steve can get time off. So this is a last call for club members... I'm emailing Rob at Cardiff SCUBA tomorrow to post to his group (which he said will bite my hand off at this price), so if you want to come then this is your last chance! Please email me asap on if you want to come! A deposit of £250 would be required by Friday to secure the place. Thanks Matt...

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